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Everything from a single source

After machiningcleaning and finishing, we assemble your components - from the single part assembly to millions of assemblies that have been pieced together and tested in fully automated fashion. Depending on the quantity and life of the project, we work together with our customers to develop the ideal cost and investment scenario.


All quantity ranges

Depending on the quantity structure, assembly and testing of components extend from quality-monitored manual assembly to fully automated production cells. Our production technology can adapt to your requirements - such as production start-up in small series or semi-automatic systems later, once volume requirements increase. We can also produce larger series for you. If you require products in minimal batches with a batch size as low as 1, we are also equipped to meet your requirements in this respect.

Assembly and functional testing: It comes down to the function

In many of our assembly processes, we test all important functions, such as opening stroke, switching pressures or the tight seal of a component with full automation and electronic documentation on an assembly machine, or, if desired, also integrated into otherwise manual processes for small production runs. We also supply automotive quality for industrial applications.

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