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Filling and venting valves

Screw-in valves

Screw-in valves enable the filling, venting and pressure checking of various pressure vessels. The valves are screwed into a component from the outside. They are available with and without pre-mounted sealing element. Screw-in valves from AIGO-TEC offer various advantages. They are used in various places where regular valves reach their limits.

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Filling valves

Filling valves enable, among other things, the filling of pressure systems, pressure accumulators, containers, tanks and winding shafts with liquids or gases. They ensure particularly simple and user-friendly filling. Depending on the application and medium, AIGO-TEC offers filling valves made of different materials.

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Venting valves

Venting valves, also known as bleed valves, bleeders or colloquially as sniffer valves, are valves for releasing (compressed) air. AIGO-TEC offers both automatic and manual venting valves that enable the safe bleeding of excess pressures in compressed air and hydraulic systems.

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