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Venting valves

Venting valves, also known as bleed valves, snifter valves or bleeders, are valves for releasing (compressed) air. Their function is to remove gases, in particular air, in vessels and pipes in systems that convey fluids. The valves enable safe venting of excess pressure in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. They also provide protection against low pressure, allow efficient filling and provide for recurrent venting at operating pressure. Normally, venting valves are installed at the highest point of a water-conducting system, since air has a lower density than water. Venting valves are control devices. They are used for controlling material flows, especially in vessels and pipes for gases and fluids. 

AIGO-TEC venting valves are used in diverse industries and systems, such as lubrication systems, construction machinery, and the general machine-building industry. Venting valve are oil-proof.

Brass, aluminium, steel, stainless steel.

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Automatic venting valves

The valve is mounted at the highest point of the system; the rising air or gas can flow past the seal element. When the system is vented and the medium comes into contact with the seal element, the latter floats up and is pressed into the seat of the seal, which closes the valve.

The automatic venting valve allows air bubbles to escape from fluids in vessels and pipes, without the intervention of an operator.

EntlΓΌftungsventil automatisch

Automatic venting valve

ENTL-NIP M10X1KON-SW14-21 1073/3424K

Item number: 197451

Length: 21 mm

Thread: M10x1

Range size: 14

Manual venting valves

The valve is mounted at the highest point of the system; the rising air or gas must be released by manually actuating the valve until the system is vented and only the medium emerges.

Manual venting valves allow the controlled release of pressure from lines and tanks. In non-actuated closed state they provide a reliable seal.

Manual venting valve


Item number: 339031

Length: 19 mm

Thread: 8V1

Range size: 10

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