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Everything from a single source thanks to a wide range of technology

For many of our products, we combine the entire value chain in-house: from the machining of metal components, plastic or elastomer moulding, testing of the finished product to the delivery and shipping of the finished product. The result is simple, intermeshed processes, consistent quality and quick reaction times.

Our products, whether valve technology or other functional units, often require a large breadth of technologies for optional function. From the use of the widest variety of materials, such as steel, brass, aluminium, rubber and plastics, or production methods such as rubber-metal composites, plastics welding, laser machining or automatic testing technology. In order to offer you the optimal solution, we cover a large bandwidth of technology. We do not shy away from incorporating new technologies into our portfolio.

Product innovations

Innovation is the most important driving force behind our success. Based on our extensive experience and technology portfolio, we question and further develop existing solutions. We produce according to your specifications or develop the product in cooperation with you.

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We work with metals and non-ferrous metals from small series on one spindle machine tools to medium and large series on six-spindle machine tools to mass production of several million components per year on special machinery.

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In 2016, we invested in a completely new cleaning line for our site in Germany. This gives us the opportunity to degrease and clean components exactly as needed. The cleaned components are loaded into cleaned small load carriers and weighed. Our Polish site commissioned a new and highly advanced cleaning line in 2020.

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We have a wide range of components. We produce all batch sizes – from single-unit assembly to fully automated production of millions of assembled and tested parts. Depending on the quantity and life of the project, we work with you to develop the ideal cost and investment scenario. If necessary, we integrate functional tests directly into the assembly cycle. Several million parts, all 100 per cent tested for proper operation, leave our facilities in Germany and Poland every day.

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We vulcanize different elastomer compounds that come with a wide variety of material requirements. We develop the rubber mixtures for the relevant application together with our partners. We produce rubber/metal compounds with and without bonding agents, depending on the material pairing and requirements. Our vulcanisation department produces rubber and rubber/metal bonded parts for an extensive range of applications. Rubber valves, boots and bellows, vibration mounts and seals are just a few examples.

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Hardening and nitriding
We harden or nitride components in order to meet requirements depending on the area of application.

Surface coating
Various coatings are required for the widest variety of applications. We make our components available with transparent and coloured anodised coatings and with zinc flake coatings and other lacquer finishes. We also galvanise and nickel-plate components.

Plastics processing

We process plastics by applying, among other things, two-component technology. Components are joined, assembled, bonded, welded and delivered as an assembly. Among other things, we process the following materials:

  • PA – Polyamide
  • PE – Polyethylene
  • POM – Polyoxymethylene
  • PP – Polypropylene
  • PS – Polystyrene

Metal forming

We form brass into blanks both hot and cold in multiple stages. The advantages lie in an increased strength of the material and a more efficient machining that is especially suitable for mass production. The preformed blank reduces the time per piece, i.e. the time required to process a single activity unit. Blanks are machined in special machines and combined to build assemblies.