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Filling valves

One function of filling valves is to enable filling of pressure systems, pressure accumulators, vessels, tanks and winding shafts with fluids or gases. The general construction of a filling valve consists of a valve body, a valve core and a seal (such as an O-ring or flat gasket). There are filling valves with permanent or exchangeable seal elements, which are located within the valve body. In valves with an exchangeable seal element the valve cores are screwed into a defined bore hole, the insertion bore. The valve core seals against the valve body and against the atmosphere. Filling is achieved with a filling tool that actuates the valve core or the permanently installed seal, thereby causing it to open. This makes it possible to check and adjust the system pressure of the medium. Filling can also be carried out with fluids or by purging. Filling valves enable easy and convenient filling of vessels and tanks.

AIGO-TEC filling valves are used for example in the machine-building industry, in biogas plants, pneumatic tools, surge tanks in heating systems (membrane expansion tanks), pressure accumulators, pneumatic vices, and cable and pipe conduits.

AIGO-TEC offers filling valves made of different materials depending on the application and medium. Different connection types area available, in accordance with the customer’s requirement. We also offer custom solutions for special applications. We will be glad to create CAD models on request.

Brass, nickel-plated brass, aluminium, stainless steel

Our range of filling valves


Filling valve with double sealing cap


Item number: 900930

Application: Guarantees the secure sealing of container

Length: 18 mm

Thread:  M8x1

Rande size: 10

Valve body: -

Plastic plug: -


Filling valve M10x1 for compressed air gun


Item number: 994310

Application: Enables fast filling of containers / Pressure loss minimised termination of the filling process through fast closing / Uncomplicated assembly

Length: 16 mm

Thread:  M10x1

Range size: 12

Valve body-

Plastic plug: -

Schrader Befüllventil

Schrader filling valve

MFV ASSY 17,5M-8V1

Item number: 447434

Application: Enables filling with standard equipment / Stable pressure after filling / Uncomplicated assembly

Length: 17,5 mm

Thread:  8V1

Range size: 6,8 mm

Valve body: -

Plastic plug: -

Füllventil mit Schlauchanschluss

Filling valve with hose connection piece D = 4mm


Item number: 930690

Application: Enables filling of a directly connected plastic tube

Length: 41,5 mm

Thread: 8V1

Range size: 12

Valve body: Hose- ø 4,0

Plastic plug: Yes


Filling valve M10x1 for car valve nipple

VAS SET 8V1-M10x1-SW14-40-NI

Item number: 373060

Application: Binding with M10 union nuts possible / filling with standard equipment / stable pressure after filling

Length: 40 mm

Thread: 8V1/M10x1

Range size: 11/10

Valve body: -

Plastic plug: -

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