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Safety valves

We develop, produce and deliver valve solutions with a wide range of different properties in accordance with customer requirements. Our solutions cover a broad spectrum: from pressure maintenance and prevention of backflow to defined release of excess pressure. We join you in designing the optimal solution for your applications and requirements. 

Safety valve products

Residual pressure valves

A residual pressure valve (RPV) is an important safety element of electronic suspension systems in vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles and upper- and mid-range saloon cars. It is installed as an integral component of every air suspension strut and fulfils several functions, such as ensuring free air flow between the air suspension strut and the air compressor during normal vehicle travel.

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Non-return valves

Non-return valves allow the flow of fluids or gases in one direction only, therefore preventing backflow of the medium. Depending on the requirements of our customers, AIGO-TEC non-return valves use sealing systems such as a ball, a flat seal, or an O-ring.

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