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Non-return valves

Non-return valves, also known as shut-off valves, stop valves or check valves, allow the flow of fluids or gases in only one direction. They prevent reversal of the direction of flow, or the potential return flow of fluid or gaseous media such as compressed air, water, oil or steam in the opposite direction. Non-return valves open automatically, as soon as fluids are flowing. If the flow stops or if the direction of flow changes, the valves likewise close automatically. In this way, non-return valves prevent backstreaming in pumps, and also prevent pipes and tanks from running dry.

The most common types of non-return valves are ball check valves or spring-loaded safety valves. A spring-loaded valve has a closing element in the form of a plate, and a spring. In case of a pressure drop the closing element is closed by means of the spring. Meanwhile, the fluid medium flows in the other direction of the closing element. If the flow stops, stopping the pressure of the plate on the spring, the latter springs back into its starting position. This causes the line to close again and the fluids can no longer flow. A ball check valve works the same way as a spring non-return valve. Instead of a plate, however, there is a ball, which presses on the narrowing part of the closing element during flow in the desired direction, therefore closing the passage.

Our range of non-return valves


Non-return ball valve


Item number: 242015

Application: The non-return ball valve essentially prevents backflow.

Length: 15,85 mm

Thread: 5V1-1

Outside diameter: 6,5 mm

Rückschlagventil mit Dichtkörper

Non-return valve with sealing body


Artikelnummer: 240520

Application: The non-return valve with sealing body prevents backflow in a pressure-tight manner.

Length: 18 mm

Thread: No thread

Outside diameter5,0/6,5 mm

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