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Degreasing & cleaning

At AIGO-TEC we guarantee our customers an efficient degreasing and cleaning process, as well as maximum technical cleanliness. We help you to find an optimal solution for your company’s requirements. We look forward to your inquiry

Industrial parts cleaning in fully automated systems

To completely remove cooling and lubricating oils, as well as chips from machined parts, turned parts are cleaned automatically in our state-of-the-art systems. Our production department is equipped with a centrifuge system, as well as a degreasing system with ultrasonic nozzles. For specific parts we fulfil technical cleanliness specifications in accordance with VDA 19.

In the first step of industrial cleaning the turned parts are placed in mesh baskets and then rotate in the centrifuge at 740 revolutions per minute. This step can be omitted for parts that are especially sensitive. The process removes grease and coarse oil. The parts in the mesh basket then run through the main cleaning process on a conveyor belt. Under vacuum the degreasing system removes any fine residue remaining on the part. The cleaning medium, which is based on hydrocarbons and about 10% modified alcohols, is distilled and separated from the oil. Recovery of the cleaning medium ensures a highly ecological parts cleaning process. 

The two systems operate redundantly. In case of a fault, one line continues to operate, ensuring high availability. Another advantage of industrial parts cleaning at AIGO-TEC is the large number of different cleaning programs. This allows us to adapt to diverse workpieces, as well as sensitive parts, in order to ensure reliable cleaning.

The SLC cleaning system guarantees clean containers

While the machined parts run through the cleaning process, a fully automated SLC cleaning system simultaneously washes and dries the containers into which the clean parts are placed at the end. The process is comparable to a standard dishwasher in a restaurant. The system therefore ensures that the cleaned parts actually end up in clean containers.

Once the parts are free of impurities and residue, they are transferred by a tipping device from the mesh baskets into clean SLCs (small load carriers). A crane lifts the filled containers to reduce the load on the employees. 

Inspection by high-performance camera

On request we can conduct an inspection with a high-performance camera as a quality assurance measure. For this purpose, the cleaned parts are conveyed to an inspection machine with an integrated high-performance camera. The machine inspects the parts for dimensional consistency, cracks and impurities in bore holes.

Depending on the particular order we package and send the goods to our customers after cleaning or have the parts finished by our partners. In addition to assembly of your parts, we also offer customer logistics services.

Are you in need of industrial cleaning and degreasing of your parts?

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