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Environmental management

Our goals

Every year we undergo an audit as to whether we adhere to the requirements of the environmental management system. Our site in Giengen is certified according to the internationally recognised environmental standard ISO 14001 . This is our binding commitment to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. In order to produce in an even more environmentally compatible and safe way in the future, we set new goals every year.

We are also pleased about suggestions for improving environmental protection and occupational safety at AIGO-TEC. We reward any actionable suggestions presented to us by our employees via our company suggestion system.

Our environmental policy 

We have laid down our principles for acting in an environmentally compatible way in our so-called environmental policy. These are the most important statements:

1. AIGO-TEC focuses on people and the environment.

2. We protect the environment and comply with environmental laws.

3. We aim to pollute the environment as little as possible in our work.

4. We want to save energy and reduce waste, emissions and waste water.

5. We will take environmentally friendly technologies into account.

6. We take environmental protection into account as early as the production planning stage.

7. We make sure that our suppliers protect the environment as well.

8. We have defined measures to prevent / quickly respond to environmental accidents.

9. We aim to intensify the training of our employees.

10. We conduct internal audits to regularly evaluate our environmental management system.

11. Employees of third-party companies who work on our premises must also comply with our environmental requirements.